more information about pntech

pntech has been developing Filemaker database systems since the initial (ver 1) release of FileMaker in1985.

We develop on Macintosh under MacOS 10 and Windows Vista, 7,8 and 10..

For multi-user solutions we recommend a FileMaker Server running on either an macMini with MacOS 10.x or a mid-range PC with Windows Small Business Server 2003 / 2008 using, where possible Microsoft Terminal Services.

Many of our solutions are built around our own Business Management System (BMS) with task specific modules developed to suit individual client's needs. Click here to see the modules and features of our BMS.

We use the latest plug-in modules, where appropriate, to enhance FileMaker's capabilities and have access to a wide variety for client specific requirements.

Production of a satisfactory solution involves a partnership between client and developer, continual re-assessment of the system's aims and capabilities and, to develop, over time, a solution which meets the clients needs and expectations.

Email us at with details of your requirement or problem or to request a consultation.

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all of our solutions are 100% cross platform…..Macintosh/Windows