FileMaker Pro ver 15 server
Increased database performance
  • Perform searches and calculations on the server instead of the client.
  • Leverage high-performance hard disk storage systems and multi-CPU servers
  • Take advantage of large amounts of RAM using sophisticated caching.
  • Optionally perform maintenance on live databases, including live backups while the file is in use.

Improved administration
  • Automate unattended, scheduled backups.
  • Audit remote administration through a new Event Log entry that identifies Administrators and their activities.
  • Change server settings without restarting the server.
FileMaker Server 15 is the newest version of the fast, reliable, easy-to-use server software for groups of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect users over a network or on the web.
What does it do: FileMaker Server 15 lets you centrally share your databases with unrivalled availability, security, and performance.
When should you use it: When you want secure, reliable sharing for groups of FileMaker users — large and small. FileMaker Server does not restrict the number of networked FileMaker clients*.
  • Easy installation and 24/7 availability — Basic installations take just 20 minutes or less. Get anytime access to your data.
  • Industry-standard security — Authentication via Active Directory/Open Directory and use SSL encryption for secure data transfer.
  • Web technology — Use FileMaker WebDirect, a new, breakthrough web technology, to run interactive database solutions in a web browser. Or use Custom Web Publishing to create custom, data-driven websites with PHP or XML.
  • ODCB/JDBC Support — Share data with other applications via server-based ODBC/JDBC support.